Don’t Use Your Bra As Phone Storage

Cell phone should never be carried in your bra

Nowadays, the bra serves many purposes. Aside from supporting the breasts and keeping your private parts covered, it is also used to tuck away many essential things. Some women would tuck their cash, credit cards, keys, pacifiers and even cellphones inside their bras. After all, it is so convenient to just reach down and pull out your stuff than fish it out from the bag. But is it safe especially if what you are tucking there is your cellphone?

Many people do not realize that cellphones have microwave radiation. If you are wearing your cellphone close to your body every single day then you are exposing yourself to that harmful radiation. This is not good for your health! Keeping your phones tuck into your bras would mean increasing the risk of developing breast cancer because the radiation would seep into the fatty breast tissues. So not only will your bra be keeping your larger breasts in place, it could also be the cause of something serious such as breast cancer.

One incident is 21-year old Tiffany from the U.S. She is young and healthy with no history of cancer and no breast cancer gene. She was diagnosed with a very aggressive breast cancer. For four years she has kept her cellphone in her bra just like all of her friends. She often does that if she doesn’t have any pocket and she did it because it was convenient and it was easy to feel the phone vibrates if she receives a message or a phone call. They connected the cancer with the cellphone because the location of the tumor is perfectly lined to where the phone is always tucked in, just above her left breast.

The risks are not just limited to women who keeps their cellphone in their bras. It includes men who keep phones attached at their belts or those who keep it in their pockets for an extended period of time as it affects the mineral bone density. Even children and teenagers are at risk for brain tumors or parotid gland tumors if they are frequently using their phones. Although all of these are highly publicize, it is so much better to take precautions than experience the consequences later.