Top Phone Apps to Help You Lose Weight


Sometimes, there’s no better ally than your phone – the device that helps you perform quick searches on any topic or question; that helps you book any number of appointments, or call any individual, with the press of a button; that helps you keep tabs on everyone in your life with a host of intelligent and social apps. Your smartphone can also help you keep tabs on your weight, and help you track your progress as you work on both your diet and fitness habits through an endless selection of health-friendly apps. With so many to choose from, though, how can you possibly tell which apps are best? And how do you know that a simple app will really help you progress on your weight loss journey?

There’s good news when it comes to the science behind weight loss and smartphones – according to Dr. John P. Higgins, an associate professor of medicine at the University of Texas, our smartphones really do make a difference when we’re working to lose weight. Typically, feeling alone and isolated from friends and family lead us to feel unsupported in our dieting efforts; with the advent of smartphone apps, we can easily find connections and coaching from virtual allies. So, if you need an extra boost, or some online support, apps are a great ally. Consider choosing one of the following as you work on losing those extra pounds.


Both a calorie counter and a kind of social media platform, MyFitnessPal allows users to keep track of their diets, their exercise, and their friends. With this app, you can log every single snack, drink, and meal – with its incredible database, there are calories counts and varied serving sizes available for nearly every food, restaurant meal, and recipe. You can even use its barcode scanner to get a more accurate count for your own homemade concoctions. As an added bonus, you can link your account with your friends’ profiles to hear words of encouragement as you progress.


If you want to see exactly how healthy your daily choices are, download Fooducate. This app, which allows you to log every meal and input your physical stats, ranks every meal you eat (or log) based on your health goals. Hoping to lose weight? The app will tell you how you can improve your next meal in order to ingest fewer calories, or more vegetables. Want to track your water intake? This app can help you reach various food goals, all while offering helpful suggestions as to how you can take your healthy habits one step further.

Nike Training Club

If you’re working to lose weight by increasing your workouts and their intensity – or, perhaps to even begin working out for the first time – try the Nike Training Club app. This smartphone workout buddy offers more than unique workouts that can be performed anywhere; it also allows you to work with professional Nike workout instructors rather than fitness newbies. You’ll receive a wealth of advice from Nike professionals, pro athletes, celebrity trainers, and fellow workout buffs – and you can change and set your own requirements and limitations, making sure you don’t wind up toning when you’re in need of cardio.